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Effective software solutions for business and other leading industries.

Custom Software

Within Capturum we develop custom software that helps companies and organizations grow, innovate and automate. Our software seamlessly connects to existing business processes.

SaaS Solutions

Digitize and simplify business processes with the SaaS solutions of Capturum. Would you like to develop your own SaaS solution? We like to think along with you.

Data & Dashboarding

Our software processes relevant data and converts it into usable data. Use the dashboard to find important information at a glance. Clear, transparent and cost-effective.

About us

Capturum Software Group is the umbrella organization of several leading software companies. By connecting different disciplines we are able to tailor our software solutions to customer needs. Capturum Software Group offers custom-made software that meets the user’s needs and requirements.

Our companies


Netherlands | Moldova
Emendis develops customized software solutions that solve your business challenges. Specializing in various business markets, Emendis serves customers from offices in the Netherlands and Moldova.
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Intergrip is an innovative software platform for education. We facilitate a connection between education, government, labor market and healthcare.
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D'atalier provides users with a comprehensive dashboard of relevant information and KPIs to make data-informed decisions and optimize processes.
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Salvum LT develops smart, efficient software and serves clients from our office in Lithuania. Salvum LT builds mobile and web applications that allow companies to optimize business processes.
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Who we are

Our vision

Through its companies, the Capturum Software Group serves a broad spectrum of clients, both in the profit and non-profit sectors. The Capturum Software Group is the umbrella organization above a number of companies that, at its core, helps its target audience automate processes and provide insight into data through proprietary software systems, custom software solutions, data analytics and dashboarding.

Our mission

The Capturum Software Group believes that it has a great added value for companies in improving processes and providing insight in data. This will enable companies to function more optimally and therefore to be managed more efficiently. In addition, we offer solutions for education and municipalities and possibilities for students to be taught digitally. These solutions help various parties to work together efficiently and thus keep an eye on the (vulnerable) student in every area.

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