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Rob Jansma, Commercial Director
"Choose between existing products or something entirely unique"

From education to…

companies, from planning tools to fully-fledged ERP systems… Are you looking for a combination of custom development and existing software? The SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions offered by the Capturum Software Group always provide a fitting solution.

  • Intergrip is an educational student tracking system that connects education, municipalities and the job market with each other regarding compulsory education and career orientation.
  • Emendis develops custom software for businesses and besides also develops an own line of software solutions for multiple niche markets.

The vast variety in which these markets operate, and where projects originate from, suits Capturum. This keeps us focused so we can approach your project with a fresh set of eyes. It challenges us to be innovative and to always look for new directions for solutions.

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Internationally powered development

A European co-operation

To make sure that we can fulfill your project in the shortest amount of time – with the highest quality nonetheless – we chose for international growth. With the opening of multiple European branches, Capturum can ensure it’s capacity, and therefore your project.

  • Dozens of fullstack, backend en front-end software developers in The Netherlands.
  • Complemented by multiple software developers spread across all of Europe.

Capturum likes to think with you!

Do you have a question regarding automisation or do you want to know more about the development of new software? Feel free to contact us! We would like to explore the possibilities with you.

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Our process

Do you need to use a custom-developed piece of software, an existing solution, or a combination of both? We think it’s important that your company doesn’t adapt to the software, but that the software adapts effortlessly to the process in the company that’s being automated. You can, regardless of the choice made above, choose for a Scrum or Waterfall approach for your project, so that the project and software fits in the most optimal way to the needs your company has.

Phase 1: Research

Which specific process within your organisation needs to be automised or optimised and what is the most fitting solution for this? We pick one of our consultants who has a background within the market you operate, to map the need(s) of business. After this analysis, the results will be summarised in a Functional Design in which we’ll explain why we recommend this piece of software to you. This document will form the base of your project and it’s future development.

Phase 2: Design

After finishing the Functional Design, one of our User Experience Designers gets to work to draft a workflow – and later on design – for your application. Not only do we strive to create something attractive to the eye which will match your company’s branding, but also the user experience and intuitiveness is key to us and your application. Our challenge is that a user with the absolute bare minimum of training can work easily and quickly in your new application.

Phase 3: Realisation

Our experienced developers will go to work on the front- and back-end of your application. In this phase, the Functional Design, together with the design, will be realised into a working piece of software. After developing functionalities, we will test these to ensure our quality. This iterative phase, where you will be part of our team to ensure the use of our inside knowledge of your company combined with our development skills, so we – again – ensure that the application will effortlessly take care of your needs.

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Our vacancies

Do you want to work or do an internship at Capturum? Our companies Emendis and Intergrip are regularly looking for new people to grow and reinforce our teams. Send us a message so we can explore the possibilities.

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