About us
Capturum | Intergrip and Emendis bundled in a single organisation
Educational and fully custom software

Capturum Software Group is the overarching organisation where both Emendis and Intergrip are part of. By connecting the different disciplines, we can focus our software on client needs and offer software that fulfills the wishes and needs of the user.


Emendis creates web-based software for the internet, your smartphone, and the internet-of-things. The team of Emendis exists out of young and passionate developers as well as seniors who’ve already earned their stripes. One thing they all have in common: they have a passion for software!

A custom piece of software helps you to speed up your processes. This not only saves time and money but makes your life – maybe without you even knowing – simpler, clearer and above all, more fun.

  • Custom software
  • Internet-of-things, web- en application development
  • Secondment starting from one month fulltime

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The educational market is developing itself continuously, in which Intergrip sees a challenge. Intergrip offers software solutions, consultancy, and guidance for projects for both schools and municipalities – from elementary schools until universities.

Good, stable and secure software dat does exactly what the user needs, whilst looking pretty and taken care of at the same time. Only in this way people working in Education can focus on their students instead of the application they’re using.

  • More than 10 years experience
  • 85% coverage in The Netherlands
  • Developments made from real-life and inside information

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